letzer Rollernächster Roller

Roller TR Troll 1
des Rollerfreundes Martin Sanmiguel

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Modell:Motorroller TR Troll 1
Erstzulassung:the first registration for this bike in spain was in 1964
Kilometerstand:2 800 km
z. Z. angemeldet:I regitred the bike again in 1997, and actually it's registred, I have insurance, an all the sheets and reviwers at day.
Restauration: I began the restauration in 1996. I bought the bike to a farmer man in a village for 15000 pts. (175 DM)
And The restauration was: to dismount all engine, to clean it, and to clean the bike in general. I painted it (first I needed to make the correct mix in order to get the exactly color). I neede to by a battery, some lamps, and to make with iron my own stand, I buyed a wheel from a barrow(trolley) I chaged the cable for the clutch, actually I have broken the intermitents, and I need other parts but I have not spare parts. The time of restauration was 1 year and the day that I ear the engine´s noise I opened a bottle of champagne.
Hinweise und Fragen:And I´m looking for spare parts (but with cheap price) because the cost of packaging to bring them to Spain are very expensives.
Martin Sanmiguel
Bild: Martins Roller